Wool for pom-poms & tassels
Wool for pom-poms & tassels
Wool for pom-poms & tassels
CHUNKY KNIT BLANKET WOOL - SOFT CREAM colour for a chunky wool blanket pattern & kit.

Wool for pom-poms & tassels

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This is the same great wool we sell for the chunky wool blanket kit and our wool bundles and it's available by the ball so you can make tassels or pom pom's for your blanket.  This wool is meant to be an add-on to your wool or wool kit order and does not ship as a stand alone.  

Tassels and pom-poms are like jewelry for your blanket :)

COLOURS:  We are now IN STOCK with both the beautiful Soft Cream and Blue/Grey wool. 

BLEND : 100% Wool


WOOL WEIGHT : 100 g 

PATTERN : You can estimate the amount of additional balls you will need for pom poms and tassels based on the size and number you plan to make.  Learn how to make chunky knit blanket tassels here.  The tassels are like jewelry for your blanket! So fun.

CARE :  Care for your wool by hand washing and laying it flat to dry.

ABOUT :  This Peruvian Diamond Luxury yarn is 100% wool and is spun in Peru. Peruvian sheep are a cross between Corriedale and Merino making a blend that provides softness and sturdiness.

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